Launch of Witnessed, Sunday 30th September 2012
©2012 Krik TV

From African-American GIs to Ghanaian exchange students, from African-Caribbean nurses to Black German musicians, from Black British IT specialists to African-Asian artists, peoples of the African Diaspora have lived in, shaped and have been shaped by Germany. The sharpness of our unique perspectives arise, among other things, from our mediation of multiple identities. Moreover, our access to other national contexts provides a means of comparison: we can say what Germany is, by having an example of what it is not. We can say what Germany has, because we have lived what it doesn't have.

Mainstream Germany has traditionally told stories of whiteness and homogeneity. However, in recent times, Black German voices have successfully gained in number and broader significance, both through breaking down barriers within the mainstream media, as well as creating our own outlets and publications. The Witnessed series contributes English language testimonies to existing "Black in Germany" accounts (both fiction and non-fiction) while simultaneously providing access to this literature to international English-speaking audiences.

The series, a cooperation between edition assemblage and Sharon Dodua Otoo, contains:
  • an anthology of essays
  • a collection of short stories
  • two plays
  • one photo-book
We are always interested in submissions! Particularly in the form of:
  • Novels / Novellas
  • Poetry compilations
  • Biographies / Autobiographies
  • Critical essays
  • Graphic novels
We aim for our authors to be representative of Black English-speaking peoples who have lived in German-speaking countries regarding gender, sexual orientation, political views, class, religion, nationality, illegalisation status and ability status.