Monday, 10 February 2014

Daima: On Wit­nes­ses, Ima­ges and Vi­si­ons. A Book Pre­sen­ta­ti­on in Dresden

“wi­thout a vi­si­on, every so­ci­al chan­ge feels like death.”
Audre Lorde
In glo­bal con­texts, Black women have his­to­ri­cal­ly been ren­de­red in­vi­si­ble both wi­t­hin (white do­mi­na­ted) fe­mi­nist mo­ve­ments and wi­t­hin (male do­mi­na­ted) Black power mo­ve­ments. In Ger­ma­ny, this si­tua­ti­on has been no dif­fe­rent and cul­tu­ral re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in this coun­try con­ti­nue to be do­mi­na­ted by the ide­als of „white“ and „male.“ Just the same, Black women in Ger­ma­ny have con­ti­n­uous­ly or­ga­nis­ed and re­pre­sen­ted them­sel­ves – the pho­to­book „Daima“ is sim­ply one fur­ther cont­ri­bu­ti­on to a long tra­di­ti­on of cul­tu­ral pro­duc­tions and crea­ti­ve work by Black women in Ger­ma­ny.
In this in­ter­ac­tive event, mo­ther, aut­hor, edi­tor and ac­tivist Sharon Dodua Otoo will talk about her mo­ti­va­ti­on for crea­ting the English lan­gua­ge book se­ries „Wit­nes­sed“ with a spe­cial focus on the la­test pu­bli­ca­ti­on „Daima. Ima­ges of Women of Co­lour in Ger­ma­ny“ by Nzitu Ma­wak­ha.
Pre­sen­ta­ti­on in English & Ger­man. All wel­co­me.

Cafém - getting to know feminism part 6
Date: Sunday, Fe­bru­ary 16th 2014
Where: kos­mo­tique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, 01099 Dresden
When: 2 – 8pm (talk begins 4pm)

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