Thursday, 26 June 2014

Protest in the School - Statement from the refugee activists

We say it clear:  We don’t leave the building until we obtain papers for everyone in the building.
As soon as we get our right to stay, we are ready to leave the school peacefully.

We don’t want too much talk, we want clear results and garantues:
This is the cost of bad experiences with the negotiations with the Senat and the Bezirk.
Senator Kolat has promised a transfer of the asylum cases to Berlin
A six month Duldung, access to the job market, to education and German lessons.
Currently, none of these five points have been reached and ten people who are on the list of the Oranienplatz agreement are facing deportation. Two month after, no one got the transfer and the Duldung is ignored by the Ausländerbehörde. This is why we don’t accept no negotiations anymore and put the German and Berlin authorities in front of their responsibilities.
The Senat has lied the District is lying:
People who were registering on Tuesday have been refused a place in the new Lagers!
Cleary, they free themselves from any responsibilities in case something happens. But they are all responsible now: Henkel, Herrmann, Kolat, Panhoff.
So the district should respect the people struggling inside the school and let them exercise their basic political rights (freedom of speech) and let the press come in until Henkel and de Mazière give us the documents:
Both are able to give us a residence commit §23 Aufenthaltsgesetz

We are everywhere! Support and solidarity come from all around the world. Demonstrations have been made in 6 German cities and in Istanbul. For solidarity banners has been hanged up on the surrounding buildings and even one in New York. All the streets around the school have been blocked by the supporters to hold the police cars back. We are kept isolated no press, no internet, just enough food for one day and no medicines go through the police check point. They block anybody entering with internet stick. Their intension is to criminalize us and to show the public only their own perspective. This is why they prevent us from talking to the press. They need to make us look like terrorists. Some inhabitants of the school who want to access the entrance are also still blocked at the gate.


Freedom of media is not respected though it is the most basic form of democratic society!
The journalists has been refused at the negotiations between the Senat and the Bezirk. Is this the German democracy? We say it clear to Henkel! We will take untill tomorrow 3pm to discuss and analyze his offers with our lawyers and our answer to it will not be given without press.

Thursday, 26th June - 21:45

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