Guidance for authors

Thank you for your interest in Witnessed!

Please take some time to read these guidelines carefully before submitting your work.

You are welcome to send submissions to Witnessed if you are:
- a Black author (of African Diasporan descent)
- have lived in Germany
- have lived in an English-speaking country or write in English

Please submit only one manuscript at a time by email to:
We will reply to everybody.

Depending on the number of submissions we are receiving, we will be able to make decision about your work any time between one day and six weeks. An email will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of your message. If you don't receive the response it means that your email has not arrived and you should send it again. Once you have received the confirmation email, please be assured that we we will get to your manuscript as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!

Please send one email with just one attachment.

Your covering letter should be in the body of the email and be as short as possible. It should include a little about the book and a little about yourself. Please make the subject heading of your email your book title and your name.

The attachment should be one Word/Open Office document which includes a title page (name of author, title of publication), a proposal which tells us the date you could complete the book by, the estimated full word-count, a detailed outline of the story (synopsis) and three chapters (double line spaced, numbered pages). Please make sure that the work you submit is edited, proofread and at a mature stage of development. We do not accept re-submissions, edited or otherwise.

Please do not send the full manuscript until we invite you to.

Thank you again for reading and following these guidelines carefully :-)

The Witnessed Team