Wednesday 16 June 2021

"Soon, The Future of Memory" is here!

This stunning debut collection of poetry by Anja Saleh can be ordered now via the website of edition assemblage, in all local bookstores in Germany and via other international websites. Be sure to get your copy!


A yellow book cover with thick wavy lines weaving across it, mostly black lines but also three white ones. The title "Soon, The Future of Memory" is in black capitals. The author's name, Anja Saleh, is in lower case, also written in black..

Soon, The Future of Memory is a poetry collection which explores the contradictions and complexities of belonging, of “home” and of self from the perspective of a German of African descent.

i once heard that in poetry
we find answers
but i came to ask questions
      like why?
      or rather who?
decided for poets to answer
others' questions
while they have a mind full of their own?
      or maybe
poetry is the answer to
are we alone?
and it always answers no.



Praise for Soon, The Future of Memory:


A stunning read - searing, searching, healing all at once. Anja Saleh has crafted an exceptional piece of work.

Musa Okwonga, author of In The End It Was All About Love

As if responding to the question how long is now? famously written on berlin walls, Anja Saleh's Soon, The Future Of Memory asks poeticizing questions, in order to reach beyond the hyphens, the silences and the gaps of our memories; voicing hidden stories which are already there. present. intermingling. connected. a must read for those seeking answers.

Dr. Aischa Ahmed, author of: Arabische Präsenzen in Deutschland um 1900. Biografische Interventionen in die deutsche Geschichte

In these poems, Anja sits so effortlessly yet uncompromisingly in her power and courage and convitions. This is a collection that doesn't give up all the answers, but leaves a trail of necessary questions in its wake.

sara m saleh, Award-winning Arab-Australian* poet and writer

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