Friday 5 November 2021

"In Audre's Footsteps" is here


Happy release day to "In Audre's Footsteps"!
What an amazing journey!
Congratulations to all involved, especially the editors Heidi R. Lewis, Dana Maria Asbury with Jazlyn Andrews.
"In Audre's Footsteps" is the seventh book in the Witnessed Series, edited by Sharon Dodua Otoo and published by Edition Assemblage.
The book launch will be on Wednesday, November 17th from 6pm (German time).
Watch this space for more details!

Image Description:
The book has a white cover with a black border. In the centre of the book is a black silhouette of a figure. Inside the figure are the words "In Audre's Footsteps". "Audre's" is written in pink, the other words are written in white. Around the figure are the names of the editors and the subtitle of the book in alternating black and pink letters: Heidi R. Lewis and Dana Maria Asbury with Jazlyn Andrews. Transnational Kitchen Table Conversation. The logo of the publisher, edition assemblage, is in black at lower right. The Witnessed book series logo is in pink in the upper left corner.

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